Service is our business model

Creating a true sense of alignment, our team is driven by the success of your company. We created a business that is built to serve you throughout every step of the process – from initial consultation through final product, and everything along the way.

We are not a standard cannabis oil extraction machine company. Instead, extraction equipment is only the beginning. With our turn-key process we offer a variety of services including financing options, maintenance, training and staffing, remote diagnostics, and research and development to keep you ahead of the competition for years to come.

Extraction Machinery Financing

Traditional growth can be costly.

We understood brands incur high taxes and interest rates and did not have access to credit facilities that would provide them state-of-the-art cannabis oil extraction equipment, so we sought a solution. Inefficient extraction equipment can be the difference between success and failure, but by providing financing options, we enable the immediate opportunity to use industry-leading cannabis oil extraction equipment.

Research and Development

Advancement does not stop on the date of purchase.

We aim to relieve the innovative pressure, so you are able to focus on your growing business. Our team of engineers work around the clock to develop updates to our existing extraction machinery and new innovations. This ensures you always have the most up-to-date equipment, as well as a new R&D department!


When equipment is down, so is revenue.

With 24/7 remote monitoring and diagnostics we will ensure your extraction equipment is always-on and running efficiently. We’ll take care of necessary repairs as soon as they arise, leaving you no wait time for parts to arrive or expensive labor hours for specialists. As expected, this includes preventative care and maintenance as a standard.

Staffing and Training

Cannabis oil extraction experts are hard (and expensive) to come by.

A full team of qualified staff to run new-to-market equipment requires scouting, recruiting, training, and overhead cost – all pulling you away from your business priorities every time you grow.  We arm you with a team of tech support, account managers, maintenance workers, as well as remote monitoring, to prepare you for anything.

Xtraction Services provides benefits above and beyond the competition.

Why spend millions of dollars on new equipment that can quickly become obsolete?

Why spend time recruiting, training and scouting for experts every time you grow or expand?

Why use expensive debt or equity financing for expansion?

Why subject your business to down time while waiting for parts to ship or repairs to be made?

Why not tap into thought leadership resources to push your business?

Why invest in equipment that is not up to the standards and codes of the near future of regulation?

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