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Our mission

Xtraction Services is motivated by the desire reach the full potential of the category through technological innovation, exceptional, 24/7 service and educational support for our clients. We believe that creating a close community of shared support and knowledge is what it takes to reach new heights.

Our team

The executive team at Xtraction Services has a diverse skill set with nearly 100 years of combined management, finance and business development experience.

We are led by CTO Dr. Dwayne Dundore and our dedicated team of engineers who work tirelessly to ensure beneficial innovation and that each and every customer is set up for success.

Join our team

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  • Service

    • Is Xtraction Services right for me?
    • Xtraction Services works with best in class cultivators, processors, and brands. Our equipment is best for producers who focus on high-quality oil.

    • What services do you offer?
    • We provide turn-key, end-to-end solutions from equipment, SOPs, all the way down to staffing. Click to read more about our Service, Technology, or Purchasing

    • What is included with your service?
    • We provide turn-key solutions for groups that need it. This includes preventative/maintenance, product implementation of SOP’s, and 24/7 customer support with remote monitoring. Click here to learn more.

    • Do you provide training and SOPS?
    • Absolutely! We will deploy onsite training with chemists, engineers, and an extraction technician. All of our SOPs have been identified to drive efficiency and to shorten run times. You will always have an army of extraction leaders behind you with Xtraction Services.

    • What products can you produce with CO2?
    • Our customers create a multitude of products with our equipment including: vape pens, consumables, and edibles.

    • If we already have an experienced extraction team, can we still benefit from your services?
    • Yes. Our SOPs have helped create efficiencies in all steps of manufacturing. We will train your staff to manage our equipment while providing extensive maintenance, service and operational support. It’s like having a full team of extraction experts at your fingertips.

  • Technology

    • What certifications does XS equipment have?
    • Xtraction Services is building equipment for tomorrow’s market. All of our equipment have been certified and peer reviewed for your state’s compliance needs. This includes but is not limited to ASME, OSHA, NFPA, PSI, UL, NEC, NSF, WiFi, Bluetooth, IOT

    • What specific equipment do you offer?
    • We provide CO2 supercritical extraction equipment, pre-processing equipment, and post-processing equipment. Click here to learn more.

    • Is the machine fully automated?
    • 100%. We find a lot of manufacturers make this claim but still require someone in the room to turn a valve. Not ours! Many of our operators let the machine run after they leave the facility.

    • How much can your equipment process a day?
    • We have designed a wide range of equipment ranging from the start-up to the white-label producers processing over 500 lbs of feedstock a day.

    • Is the extract from the equipment a sellable product?
    • Yes! Un-winterized, full spectrum oil without processing is a sellable material. Most of our customers use our post-processing equipment to further refine the product. See more on these products here.

    • What size room is needed for the equipment?
    • Our engineers recommend a room at least 16×16 to store all necessary equipment for extraction.

    • How much power do I need?
    • Our 50L system requires 260 FLAs (Full Load Amps). Please speak to one of our engineers for more info or feel free to download our technical spec sheets here.

    • At what pressure does your system operate?
    • Our liquid CO2 pumps are used to provide a high flow, high-pressure operation of CO2 through the system. Our machines achieve flow rates of up to 4,600 ml per minute at 4,000 psi, allowing us to increase production efficiencies while decreasing production time.

    • How efficient is your machine compared to others?
    • Our machines operate at high levels of efficiency, achieving as much as 99% of cannabinoid content extracted. The question is not what our machine yields, the question should be, what is left in the feedstock material after an extraction cycle? Most processors do not realize the value of what they are throwing away by using our competitors’ equipment that was designed for botanical and not cannabis or hemp.

    • Do your lids require heavy lifting or multiple people to operate?
    • Our new high-pressure lids are ASME rated for 5,000 pounds and can be tightened by hand without any tools, nuts, or bolts. They are also pneumatically lifted, so there is no need for operators to struggle moving heavy lids.

    • How is compliance managed?
    • We have relationships with the country’s premier legal and compliance firms to ensure best practices. We have developed SOPs to efficiently manage the process of integrating Xtraction Services as your equipment provider in any legal U.S. state and Canada.

    • How often do you update equipment and processes?
    • We are constantly improving our equipment and incorporate real-time feedback from our local operating teams and customers. Software updates are rapidly deployed, and all hardware and new products are regularly released.

  • Purchasing

    • Why should I be leasing my equipment versus buying?
    • Leasing has many advantages over purchasing. For starters, you don’t have to pay the entire cost of the equipment up-front. Some customers have been able to write off their monthly payments as well. (Please check with your business tax advisor.)

    • Can XS scale with my business?
    • Have the confidence to go out and sell additional contracts and expand your business knowing that XS will provide you with supplementary equipment as your volume and demand increase. We have provided companies with multiple extraction machines in one location or assisted with multiple state expansion.

    • What’s included in the price of the extraction machine?
    • You receive all the necessary equipment needed to extract and operate the equipment. This includes heaters, chillers, tanks, tank rack, and compressors. All with no hidden costs.

    • I’m a startup, can I still lease from you?
    • Yes! We understand what it’s like when you’re just starting up. Our account reps will be happy to walk you through this process.

    • What’s the difference between royalty and leasing?
    • Royalty provides a turn-key solution with onsite staffing. We find that operators doing more than 25 lbs a day or require full build-outs are best candidates for this model. Leasing is a great fit if you want access to the newest and latest technology without coming out of pocket for the full costs.

    • Are there any hidden fees?
    • There are no hidden fees with any of the purchasing options.

Our Thoughts & Latest News

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