SOPs – The New Standard in Extraction Success

Since it was first invented by John Pemberton in 1886, Coca-Cola has become one of the world’s best-selling soft drinks. Coke is sold in more than 200 countries and remains one of the most recognizable brands in the world. A key factor behind Coca Cola’s immense success is its consistency. Whether you purchase a Coke in Bangkok or Boise, you as a consumer know exactly what you’re getting. 


Uniformity of behaviors, products and services brings a defined characteristic and perception of your company or brand to consumers. Additionally, this standardization aids in maximizing productivity and efficiency, as training, safety, and challenge protocols have been clearly defined, minimizing downtime, confusion, or redundant efforts.


Coca Cola manufacturers have defined and incorporated standard operating procedures (SOPs) at each plant, procedures that detail not only the beverages’ ingredients and how it is to be produced, but also how the end product is to be packaged, stored, and shipped. By ensuring that all manufacturers are utilizing the same processes and protocols, Coca Cola has maximized efficiency and productivity in employee efforts, as well as product consistency.


Standard operating procedures are step-by-step instructions developed to assist companies and their staff in carrying out routine operations. SOPs are executed to aid in efficiency, quality of output, and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication, industry regulation issues, or worse, safety failures. Business owners within the extraction industry have long recognized the critical need for consistency and safety that standard operating procedures bring, but a myriad of factors, including a lack of alignment and understanding in proper implementation and documentation, have caused a lack of generally accepted SOPs.


Alas, with the food and drug administration initiating their efforts to write rules and regulations around the cannabis space, and as federal agencies work to become more involved in this arena, there has never been a better or more critical time to establish and implement consistency and safety-focused standard operating procedures within extraction.


Fortunately, business owners no longer need to struggle through the sizable and arduous task of SOP development alone. Through extensive testing and analysis at every phase of the extraction process, Xtraction Services has developed an innovative and extensive SOP model for extraction businesses. Systematic, requisite documentation, coupled with comprehensive, data-driven, and purposeful SOPs cultivated and executed by Xtraction Services, will not only elevate your business processes and protocols, but will also alleviate product inconsistencies and safety challenges, saving you both vital time and money.


Consistency is Key

The ability to deliver a consistent product is crucial for any business. As we know, not all materials are created equal, and, therefore, it is advantageous to validate the extraction process with different types of materials. This method reduces the amount of time required for future validations, and the amount of waste derived from previously unavoidable inconsistencies. Having an SOP in place for each unique material makes the entire extraction process more efficient and more affordable.


In addition, by having SOPs in place, you’re also able to recreate the success you’ve had in production and end-product quality, time after time, rather than relying on luck. Standard processes mean more consistent products that are predicated on purpose-driven activities. SOPs, when clearly documented, can be easily mimicked, repeated and executed by employees with a scientific approach, leaving behind a consistent, uniform product that you’ve come desire, and that your customers have come to require.


Safety Requires Standards 

Affording employees with a safe workplace is a key responsibility of all business owners. Ensuring that the workplace itself is secure and that employees follow procedures designed to protect them, as well as their consumer, through the implementation of standard operating procedures, is a vital strategy for business management success. 


Extraction labs can pose potential safety issues, and therefore, having a standard safety regiment in place is crucial for employee and customer well-being. Appropriately conceived and executed SOPs not only solve major issues, such as environmental protection, technical downtimes, and lack of training reference, but can simultaneously achieve many of your companies’ key goals, including driving down expense costs, increasing quality of the product, and securing employee satisfaction. 


Xtraction Services’ standard operating procedures and protocols not only negate safety issues or key man risks, but they also negate the need for key men or business owners to have to divert their focus or expertise. Rather, by serving as the scientific extraction experts of a business, and ensuring a successful extraction process through clearly defined standards and protocols, Xtraction Services allows business owners to focus instead on what they do best – growing and maturing their brand. 


In due time, the cannabis space will become federally regulated, and various agencies will be checking for in-place, functional SOPs, as well as trained staff who understand the procedures and how to implement and follow them. Having Xtraction Services as a partner at your side, whom will monitor every point in the production process, and analyze the procedures and protocols along the way for issue or inconsistency, will provide your business a level of reliability, safety, and assurance that the industry has yet to know – until now.


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