Extraction Automation: The Power to Improve Output and Reduces Errors

In 1785, an automatic flour mill was developed by Oliver Evans, making it the first completely automated industrial process. Since that that moment, industries have recognized the value of automation to improve output and reduce production and manufacturing errors, and have worked diligently to introduce automation into their product development strategies.


Historically, the cannabinoid industry hasn’t been afforded the improved outputs and error reductions that automation offers. Xtraction Services, with our innovative equipment and services offerings, are bringing automation to the forefront, elevating the extraction industry for the better.


Automation is the creation of technology and its application in order to control and monitor the production and delivery of goods and services. It performs tasks that previously required total human management and oversight. Automation has been utilized in a number of areas, including manufacturing, transport, utilities, defense, facilities, operations, information technology, and now, thanks to Xtraction Services: extraction.


Supercritical extraction systems use carbon dioxide, CO2, as a solvent to extract oil from botanical plant material because it yields safer, cleaner and purer oil than by utilizing other solvents. Long known for its versatility and high efficiencies, CO2 is commonly used in many types of commercial processing, such as dry cleaning, where it removes dirt without affecting the clothing. CO2 extraction of botanical material works much the same way. The CO2 removes the oil as it passes through the plant, leaving it intact. With CO2 extractions, there are no residual components in the extracted material. CO2 extraction automation is possible because we are working with a non-flammable solvent.


The CO2 supercritical extraction process can take upwards of 3 to 6 hours, but by executing automation into your lab, you are affording your key man or key personnel that valuable time to instead focus on pre-processing or post-processing. In addition, if you were to lose your trusted key man, you’re at risk of major issues in your extraction runs, from losing quality in your product to the loss of cannabinol content. Xtraction Services equipment not only empowers users to fully or semi-automate operations from anywhere in the world, but our real-time monitoring of critical functions also minimizes waste and quality loss.


Additionally, for a CO2 extractor, automation negates the need to monitor equipment, or the need for an operator to manage the system. Most importantly, by implementing automation equipment, such as ours, into your lab to monitor temperatures and pressures ensures two strategic and beneficial commodities for your business and your consumers: consistency and quality.


What sets Xtraction Services apart is the amount of automation strategically built into our machines. The proprietary and pioneering Xtraction Services equipment manage all processes efficiently and consistently for your extraction business. Ours is alights out operation– the only steps required are opening, filling, closing, and pressing start. Our machines can even run while you sleep!


To elevate your business with consistent, quality automation, contact Xtraction Services today.