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Are there any OSHA issues with moving heavy machine parts for refilling?

Our new high pressure lids are ASME rated for 5,000 lbs. and can be tightened by hand without any tools, nuts, or bolts. They are also pneumatically lifted so there is no need for operators to struggle moving heavy lids.

At what pressure does your system operate?

Our liquid CO2 pumps are used to provide a high flow, high-pressure operation of CO2 through the system. Our machines achieve flow rates of up to 4,600 ml per minute at 4,000 psi, allowing us to increase production efficiencies while decreasing production time.

Can XS scale with my business?

Have confidence to go out and sell additional contracts and expand your business knowing that XS will provide you with additional equipment as your volume and demand increase. We have provided companies with multiple extraction machines in one location and/or in multiple states.

How efficient is your machine compared to others?

Our machines operate at high levels of efficiency, achieving as much as 99% of cannabinoid content extracted. The question is not what our machine yields, the question should be, what is left in the feedstock material after an extraction cycle? Most processors do not realize the value of what they are throwing away by using our competitor's equipment.

How is compliance managed?

We have relationships with the country's premier legal and compliance firms to ensure best practices. We have developed SOP’s to efficiently manage the process of integrating Xtraction Services as your processing partner in any legal U.S. state and Canada.

How often do you update equipment and processes?

We are constantly improving our equipment and incorporate real-time feedback from our local operating teams and partners. Software updates are rapidly deployed and all hardware and new products are released regularly.

If we already have an experienced extraction team, can we still benefit from your services?

Yes. We also provide equipment at no-upfront-cost to experienced operators. We will train your staff to manage our equipment, while providing extensive maintenance, service and operational support.

Is Xtraction Services right for me?

Xtraction Services works with best in class cultivators, processors, and brands. Our equipment is best suited for large volume producers who focus on high quality oil.

What is included with your service?

With no upfront cost, XS provides all equipment, operations management, oversight, consumables, proactive maintenance, and emergency service, which are all included in our volume-based production fee.