Powerful, Efficient, Automated

Ultra-high yield separations with zero damage and zero toxicity


Machine Features

Efficient, ultra-high yield separations with zero damage and zero toxicity


Next Generation Automation

Our easy-to-use touch-screen empowers the user to fully or semi automate operations from anywhere in the world. Real-time monitoring of critical functions minimizes waste and loss.

Pneumatic Loading Lids

Eliminate the need to remove lid with our custom designed push-button open and close process. Lids are ASME certified and tighten by hand without any tools, nuts, or bolts.

ASME Supercritical CO2 Reactors

Reactor sizes include dual 5L, 20L and 100L systems with easy upgrades as your business grows. System configurations are custom designed for capacities from 50- 3000 pounds daily.

CO2 Gas Boosters

Boosters convert gaseous CO2 back to liquid for reuse or storage. Proprietary pneumatic pumps designed for operating efficiency reduce maintenance and improve uptime.

Coalescing Extraction Cylinders

Designed specifically for cannabis, providing a wide range of extraction efficiencies. Improved quality and yield by reliable management of operating temperatures of up to 130 degrees.

5,000 psi Supercritical Reactor

Unmatched quality, safety and efficiency, using ASME certified high pressure vessels, machined from 316 food grade stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Designed to provide protection and maximize uptime, our custom heat exchange configuration minimizes cryogenic CO2 from damaging mission critical parts.

Custom Liquid CO2 Pumps

Designed specifically for Cannabis, our high flow and pressure hydraulic pumps create operating pressures up to 5000 psi with flow rates exceeding 4,600 ml per minute.

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The First Industrial Strength CO2 Extractor
Designed Specifically for Cannabis

Most machines currently being used are retrofitted from other industries like botanicals. Cannabis is a far heartier plant and requires stronger and more industrial methods to extract all available content within the plant.

You wouldn’t use a water gun to water your lawn, so why use botanical extractors on cannabis? Xtraction Services partnered with thermal dynamics engineers to bring you the first industry specific extractor that is designed to be the most efficient and fastest in the business!

Our machines are fully automated and require little to no oversight.

It can even run while you sleep!