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Xtraction Services

We are Cannabis & Hemp Extraction.

The engineering team at Xtraction Services led by the renowned electrical and thermal dynamics engineer, Dr. Dwayne Dundore. His background spans numerous commercial and industrial design installations, which have received multiple awards and designations. Dr. Dundore has received acclaim amongst engineering societies for proficiency and quality.

Dr. Dundore is one of the leading design engineers to innovate extraction technology unique to the cannabis industry. Having spent years perfecting this new system for highly efficient extraction, Dr. Dundore and his accomplished team, have created an automated supercritical CO₂ extraction system, capable of achieving industry-leading efficiency in less time.

Xtraction Services engineers are continuously advancing its designs to separate cannabis plant elements into the highest quality and purity of products for commercialization.


Our Team Members

Industry pros and highly trained staff

The executive team at Xtraction Services has diverse skill sets with nearly 100 years of combined management, finance and business development experience.

From thermodynamics engineering, military service and agriculture management, to automation technology, software-as-a -service, and cloud computing, our team has the experience, resources, and fortitude to tackle the largest problems, yet still have the “eye” for attention to detail to ensure excellence.