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Leader in efficiency & quality with no upfront costs


Oils are the fastest growing sector for cannabis and predicted to overtake flower sales by 2022.

Why spend millions of dollars on new equipment every time you grow or move to a new State when you can get it for no upfront cost?

Xtraction Services provides the best equipment and staff at no upfront cost to you so you can focus on what you do best.

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The First Industrial Strength Co2 Extractor

Leader in efficiency & quality with no upfront costs

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"As a high volume grower in a large state, choosing the right extraction partner was critical to our success. We spent a considerable amount of time researching and testing alternatives and are confident we've made the right decision. Xtraction Services made the process easy, their team of professionals is well experienced and worked together well with our company’s executives and staff.

We are now planning additional installations in several of our other facilities. The quality in engineering is clearly seen in the quantity and quality of extract produced. Xtraction Services figured out how to get most of the cannabinoids out of the plant in the first run with a shorter cycle time than the others.

Simply said this machine is the best on the market!”

- Alex Karol, Lead Chemical Engineer at Knox Medical